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For over 60 years for our customers in use. We are your partner in sanitary, heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions for commercial and private real estate of all kinds. Put our experience and convince yourself in the implementation of our quality. Contact us or configure a non-binding request for a quote on our heating and bath calculator, so that we can meet you in an optimal estimate. Your satisfaction is in our focus.

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Plumbing Repairing

Our Priority Plumbing Company is concerned with the technical installation of the gas and water supply, including all furnishings of shower and toilet facilities of your project. Our company in the field of heating construction provides efficient heat generation and distribution in your property and thus includes the complete plant construction of the desired project.

We realize the suitable climate concept in all areas of use of real estate. Our technical implementation guarantees you the desired result with full efficiency transparency. We meet your project with the right technical implementation of a ventilation system and thus support you with the appropriate exhaust and or supply air system in the commercial and private sector.

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There are some tasks that are suited for a DIY approach, check out our blog for some tips.

You need a plumbing company that understands your needs, and makes your home or business their priority.

The biggest tip is to know when it is an emergency, and when it is not.

Find a plumbing company that makes you a priority like Priority Plumbing Company!

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3DIY (Do It Yourself) Plumbing Tips

With most people, all they know about the plumbing in their home is that when they turn on the faucet, water appears. But did you ever wonder what goes on behind the walls that allow that to happen?
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DIY Plumbing Tips: Easy Steps, Tricks, and Tips for Beginners

Leakages in your house are an awful sight to see, and for some people, it could be scary! The first thing that they think they need to do is call a plumber to fix those leakages for them, but it shouldn’t be the case.